There’s Facts And Opinions

We have never heard of so many references to fake facts, as we have, since Donald Trump, began his candidacy for the highest office in the land, and, especially since his election, as President! Who can forget, when his adviser, Kellyanne Conway, actually, stated to the Press, what he stated, were Alternative Facts? It often seems, every time, someone disagrees with any action, statement, or narrative of this, so – called, leader, he, and his supporters, proclaim those statements, to be, Fake Facts! While everyone is entitled to his own opinion, there are only, one set of facts, and, thus, there can’t be fake, and/ or, alternative ones! This horrific pandemic, which has infected, so far, well over 2 million Americans, and taken the lives, of over 120, 000 of our residents, has put this, at the forefront! While, public health professionals/ experts, have clearly explained this situation, in factual, data – based, science – oriented ways, President Trump, and, thus, many of his core supporters, seem to be ignoring these, and, thus, endangering the health, and well – being, of others! For example, the facts are, wearing a mask, and avoiding crowds/ Social Distancing, is the most effective path, forward, denying the science and data, and articulating some, unfounded theory, doesn’t get it done! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the differences, and what each, really is.

1. Facts, are facts: Something is, either, factual, or it’s not, a fact! In order to be so, it’s essential, and necessary, to be a well – founded, researched, true statement, based on science, and data! We have witnessed, many times, Trump stating, he is a stable genius, who knows more than the experts, and referring to any contrary, differing idea, and/ or, approach, as being, fake! He often complains about the so – called, Fake Press, whenever, they report anything, which doesn’t support his preferred narrative! This becomes even more dangerous, when the President, refers, publicly, to these reporters, as the Enemy of the People!

2. Opinions, are opinions: There is a significant difference, at times, between one’s opinions/ beliefs, etc, and facts! Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but that doesn’t make it so! When someone, seems to, purposely, blur – the – lines, between the two, not only is it, often, a false narrative, but, may be untrue/ a lie, misleading, and a false statement!

3. A fake fact is either, a lie, or due to a lack of thorough understanding/ knowledge: While, everyone, at some point, or another, may, misinterpret the facts, a responsible public official, must accept the responsibility, when he learns, he may have made an error, and admit his mistake! Simply because, something doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t make it fact! So, don’t automatically, accept what you read on the Internet! Look at the original data, rather than someone’s narrative! We should have learned that lesson, from the way, Attorney General Barr, released the Mueller Report, and, then, discovered, his version, was far less, than the whole story!

Wake up, America, and demand, genuine integrity, from those, you elect, to serve and represent you! Do so, or there might be, undesirable ramifications!